I don’t know about you, but I have always found it really hard to find other Marketing Operations Pros to network with both locally and online.

So in January 2017, I started a Slack channel dedicated to connecting with Marketing Operations Professionals... It’ll be a rather intimate (at first) group of professionals that I have connected with in Marketing over the years and I would like to know if you (or someone you know) might be interested in this idea.

Thanks in advance for your interest! If you want to join just use this link:


Since January 2017 we’ve seen a lot of growth and in the last year (2019–2020) we’ve really “grown-up”. We’ve seen 335% growth and I felt it was time to introduce a proper community forum and programs built to give back to the members of this amazing community. …

ShareThis (or the competition) you need to implement verified shares and score ratings for sharers.

Here's the problem:

People share headlines without actually consuming the content.


Verified shares and…

Why I launched and how you can join

Last week I launched because I think we need more stories of millennials who are doing well in life and doing good for the world.

So far the reception has been great, but we need to keep this momentum going!

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We need these stories to help further motivate our peers and those who will come after us.

So, I’m calling on you to join this mission. All you need is a message you want to share with the world, something that you feel your peers will value.

Examples are:

  • How you got out of HUGE consumer debt.
  • Lessons learned from starting a new business.
  • Lessons about life and working with others.
  • Philanthropy and the mission you have. …

As a millennial, I’m offended by the notion that my generation is lazy and entitled.

Have you noticed the articles? There are repeated headlines about how lazy and unmotivated our generation is and how we’re “hated”. Here are just a few:

It’s 2018 and People Still Hate Millennials. Here are 4 Reasons Why

The Problem Isn’t That Millennials Hate Boomers. It’s That Every Generation Hates Everyone Else

Why you shouldn’t hate on the millennial that wears headphones at work

But, at least there are some articles that talk a bit about why our generation is unique and why we’re actually pretty…

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I was recently interviewed on the Inbound Success podcast and had a great time speaking with Kathleen Booth. You’ll have to forgive my hesitation at the beginning of the call, but I got more comfortable as time went on :)

We spent time talking about building a great foundation for growth within an organization and what a marketing tech stack might look like. We also discussed the marketing operations playbook which is what I wrote about on this post.

Please take a listen and let me know if you have any questions about anything we talked about. If you liked what you heard and want to have me on your podcast, reach out!

It’s easier than ever to get a business launched. The challenges we used to face around building products has been mitigated by companies like Google that’s built a “Google for Startups” site and online learning courses for Python and Ruby where you can learn to code in 30 days! The advent of networks like Odesk, Hubstaff, and Upwork have further improved the time to launch a product or new feature. What’s more, many established brands leverage solutions to collect user feedback. …

“Dear ,”
( We’ve all seen that before! )

Due to a little problem with my email tokens this past week, I recently reacquainted myself with the “Content Settings” section within the HubSpot “Contacts” menu.

A few days ago we sent an email out to our customers with a {{contact.firstname}} email token in the intro to the email. Some of those emails were delivered and a handful of our contacts who were missing a “First Name” in our CRM ended up getting an email that said “Dear ,” which makes us look awesome… not.

What I failed to do was two…

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gorgeous imagery found on Unsplash (thx)

It’s my humble opinion that all of the marketing strategies, tactics, and methodologies we marketers hear today — “Account Based Marketing”, “Inbound Marketing”, “Growth Hacking” — are simply a means to describe a what’s yet to come in the world of marketing. Each of the aforementioned marketing terms — with practice, dedication, and the right talent — can be achieved by any organization. Each offering valuable opportunities to grow your business. This article isn’t to “dethrone” any of these types of marketing and growth tactics…

However, I believe these various marketing methodologies, tactics, etc. are simply inching us closer to the future. Little by little they are getting us to think more deeply about the way we impact the businesses and customers we interact with. …

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Today I grabbed lunch with Charlie Matz from Veracity Colab and he shared that his friends company has a great visual editing tool for building out HubSpot templates.

I gave the tool a shot today (albeit briefly) and I was really impressed. I’m not quite ready to pay for it, but the value is definitely going to be there for a large contingency of HubSpot designers / developers.

Nice job guys, can’t wait to see what new features are packed into the product over time!

If you’re interested in giving the new tool a shot head on over to and download the iOS program to play with the tool today.

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First off, let me begin with how absolutely awesome the Growth Hackers community and Growth Hackers Conference was. My best bud Rocco Sarich and I LOVED every session and came back with our brains feeling like they were literally on fire. I even tweeted about it:

Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown have captured the Growth Hacking advantages and strategies so nicely in their new book Hacking Growth and the conference was the cherry on top of the shake, or the icing on the cake, whatever analogy you like… it’s that!

Please, keep in mind I do a lot of paraphrasing and rewording of the presentations and notes to make it more understandable for me. Most of this is not directly quoted but is pretty close. If any of the speakers would like me to update a section please let me know.


Mike Rizzo

Manager of Community & Loyalty Programs @Mavenlink | #HubSpot Certified | Formerly #MarketingOps #MarTech & Events Manager

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